Pathways Honored Among National Top 100 Group

Pathways of Redwood City was honored at the annual August Celebration of Cell Tech International Incorporated in Klamath Falls, Oregon, as one of the company’s Top 100 Distributors for the year. During the convention, a special day was set aside for the Top 100, which included an in-depth corporate tour and behind-the-scenes look at every aspect of the company-from production, to customer service, to shipping. The day ended with an awards luncheon at nearby Collier State Park.

Pathways is an independent distributor for Cell Tech, which distributes nutritional supplements that include natural, organic, and wild-grown whole-food ingredients, enzymes, and beneficial nutrients. Some of the many benefits of Cell Tech’s products include better overall health, more balanced energy, improved digestion, weight management, and a stronger immune system. Cell Tech’s network marketing program offers distributors a powerful opportunity for personal and financial freedom. For 20 years, Cell Tech has provided fundamental solutions for optimal health for hundreds of thousands of people. The corporate website at provides details about the company and its unique product line. Contact Pathways for more information.