Developing Your Spiritual Gifts


Ministerial Program (2 yrs)

This is a 2-year program. The time commitment is two classes per week, one workshop per six-week session, and ten hours of service tithing per month. This program is designed to direct you on your spiritual path. Many people want to find their right livelihood but don’t know where to begin. This intensive course covers everything you need to know so that you can begin to tell the truth from the lie. We do a lot of training in clairvoyance, deprogramming, self-healing, meditation and exorcism. You will learn how to marry, bury and baptize. At the end of the course, if you successfully complete it, you will be ordained. There are field trips and lots of hands on experience. Many of my students want to become professional healers/light workers. Some just want to increase the quality of their lives. My goal for all of my students is spiritual freedom. It is our divine right to live our passion and fulfill our dreams! If you are interested in this program, please contact my office.

We go in six-week cycles and break for one to two weeks in between sessions to allow for processing information.


Advanced Ministerial (2 yrs)

Open to Current Ministerial Students and Ministerial Graduates Only.
We will return to our sacred curriculum. Each of you has had time to process your information and are ready for the next step! Let’s reconnect and move forward together! Course content includes: Advanced Healing, Intensive Deprogramming, DNA Strands, and owning your Ministers Tools. This is a unique opportunity to reconnect with the core group. See you there!


Teacher’s Program (2 yrs)

This is a 2-year program and is open to Ministerial graduates only.
Tuition is $2,000 and the monthly cost is $250.00. Contact Chris for more details.


Journey Into Seeing (2 yrs)

Learn to read clairvoyantly. Discover the power of seeing your own truth! You will learn step by step how to read energy. Hand in hand with reading comes opening up to a whole new world of information. In this two-year program you will learn how to read auras, past lives and much more. Opening up your third eye will enhance your entire life. Imagine being able to tap into all of your past life information! This allows you to “remember” the lesson instead o having to relive it. Classes are designed to validate your spiritual gifts.

The Pathways group is a like minded group of dedicated seekers. In the sanctuary of Pathways classroom you will find time and space to educate, understand and thrive on your spiritual path. Pathways is dedicated to assisting true seekers. We are a diverse multicultural group. The common thread is a burning desire to find truth and live with gusto.

This program was created for all who seek to improve the quality of their life. Some come for more understanding of self.

Some come for tools that will empower their path. Others come because they enjoy their fellow students. Still others come as did I to my programs because I knew there had to be something better. I knew that life was not supposed to be such a struggle. Do your find yourself pondering the meaning of your life, searching for answers, longing to find your community, and refusing to settle for the status Quo?

If your answer is yes, this program is for you!

This is a two year program. The time commitment is two classes per week and one workshop per session. Clairvoyant Class is on Monday night. You will be required to attend the Tuesday or Saturday class each session as well. We take a one or two week break in between sessions to allow you to process your new information.

Tuition is $2000.00 plus a monthly fee of $350.00


Women’s Program (18 mos)

Hello Goddesses! Women in all walks of life. I have a new 18-month program. This course will cover every aspect of being a woman and standing in your power with grace and compassion. We will work on the core issues that control us and eliminate them. If you need to pick up your sword I will teach you how. If you need to put that sword away I will teach you how to feel safe and empowered to do so. My goal for all the women I work with is to show you how to manifest your highest destiny in joy and unconditional love. We will have six, three-day retreats during the 18-month period. They will be at an additional cost. We will be going to resorts and retreat spots to pamper and uplift ourselves. Three of the six retreats will be required for completion of the program. I will also be teaching you, or should I say, reminding you of the rituals of our past. We will mark the rites of passage in our lives.

We will honor and uplift each other as we continue our Spiritual Journey this lifetime.

The class requirement will be one class per week plus one Goddess workshop each session. The cost of the classes and workshop is included in your monthly payment. We go in six-week sessions with one or two weeks off in-between. At the end of the program we will take a 10 day trip together to celebrate your success and great accomplishment. This trip will not be required, however I hope all of you will choose to journey with me.

The cost of the program is $2,000.00 tuition and $220.00 per month. The tuition can be paid in four installments.

Make this the season that you mark for yourself. Give yourself the gift of time and space to walk in your heart, overcome your obstacles, and stand in your power.

Tuition: $2,000.00 or $525.00 in four separate installments.
First class fee: $220.00

Please include a short statement about why you desire to come into the program, and what your personal goals are. Include on a separate sheet of paper. This program is designed for a maximum of 25 women. Registration is first come first served. (Please email for schedule details. The $2,000.00 tuition fee is non-refundable. Well Goddesses, business out of the way, let the Joy begin!


Meditation 1

Information is power! Come and learn how to clear your aura, chakras and find your personal strengths. Meditation is the foundation of all spiritual seeking. Come and learn the building blocks every true seeker should know. In this class you will learn how to feel safer on the planet. You will learn how to calm and center yourself, no matter what is happening around you. Learn how to better manage your stress. Experience your own personal power on a deeper level. Start moving in a new and profound direction.

Join Chris for this informative class. Meditation is the portal to your own life path, abundance, inner grace and much more. This is a beginning class open to all.

Required for Clairvoyant Program Students


Clairvoyant Training

This six-week class will teach you to open your 6th chakra and see clearly.

We will spend our time learning to focus in and see spirit. Chris will cover all the basics, and you will start reading clairvoyantly the first class. You will learn how to read an aura. How many times have you wished that you could look at your next step and get your own answers? Well, come and find out how to learn to do just that! One of my goals for every student I have is that they can sit down in a meditation and get their own answers, see their own truth and have certainty about their choices in life. All of these abilities come from learning to quiet the mind, find a new place to sit in your space and focus on seeing. Next, you have to trust yourself and say what you see! Set aside the time to take this powerful next step on your path!


Astral Bodies

This class will focus on out of body meditation and astral projection. You
will learn how to create while you sleep. Many of the issues we face can be overcome effortlessly on the astral plane. This class is powerful and a must for all those seeking and walking their spiritual path! Come and transform your waking and sleeping time and learn to control and direct your dreamtime!


Super Mental Plane

Ever wished you could make money while you sleep? Ever wished that you could just think something, and make it happen? Well, guess what… You can!

The Super Mental Plane is a dimension that allows you to manifest exactly what you want, when you want to! Hard to believe isn’t it?! It’s like so many other things in life… how come no one ever told me this before??? Well, that is simple. Why would anyone who had this information want you to have it? Don’t forget we have just emerged from two thousand years of dogma and lies. Organized religion won’t tell you even though they know why should they? It’s a control thing… You get it here and there in bits and pieces, but most people don’t believe it. If you take this class, you will have to open your mind, be willing to think different, and believe that magic happens! Why not have your dreams come true? Why not have what you want? The information is yours if you wish it. Let me teach you!


Chakra Meditation

Chakras are the energy centers or sensors to our inner and outer world. Chakras help us to See (6th) Know (7th) and Feel (2nd). We all have Spiritual Gifts. For example did you ever wonder where the expression “I just know that off the top of my head.” comes from? That is the gift of knowingness located in the crown or 7th chakra. When our chakras are wide open, we are barraged with sensory overload. This can cause many problems. For example, there you are having a great morning and your phone rings. The caller is in a bad mood and “dumping” on you. This can change your mood and interfere with the flow of your energy. In this class you will learn how to control and block negative energies from entering your chakras. You will also learn simple tools and meditations that will help you to develop your own intuition, be more centered and focused during your day and much, much more.


Atlantis Remembered

Open to Mitts and Women’s Program and Students with 5 or more years of study with me.
Join me for this amazing information!


Reincarnation and Past Life Karma

In this class we will explore the path you chose to live this lifetime and the Karma you brought with you. I believe that we are the sum total of every incarnation we have ever had. Looking back through those past lives, completing and understanding the unfinished Karma, is the first step to a synchronistic life. Simply put, if you did not learn it last lifetime or 20 lifetimes ago, for that matter you will be forced to relive it until you understand the lesson, process the information and move beyond it. Not only will we complete those cycles together we will also explore past life times, where you were rich and powerful, and happy. By bringing that forward in your memory banks you can have it again! Join me for this empowering class.


Island Magic: Healing Modalities

Pathways Spiritual Retreats have birthed many new modalities. The magic that happens in paradise is lasting! Inspired by trips to Costa Rica and Hawaii, these techniques are powerful and effective. Interested in raising your vibration? Shifting into high gear and clearing out the blocks? Well then, this class is for you! As you know, paradise nurtures and revitalized us. Step into the soothing energy, clear your space and revive your spirit. There is no prerequisite for this class; all are welcome! Join Chris for this fantastic class!


Goddess Walking

This class is about owning your female creative energy. Many of us have dreams of being more creative. Chris will teach you how to find and use your own special type of female energy. Did you know that this is one of the most powerful energies available to us as women? You can use it to create more love and prosperity in your everyday life. You can use it to honor yourself. You can use it to cuddle into your own body and feel more beautiful than ever. Give yourself the gift of time to nurture yourself and your inner Goddess. Join Chris for this empowering and informative class!


Illuminate Your Path

If you seek a more serene life path this class is for you! In the meditation circle you will learn to clear out stress and negative energies. You will learn to center your self in tranquility and peace. Chris will guide you step by step to a calmer and more Powerful place. Going within oneself and connecting to your own light soul is a great healing. Come and relax into a nurturing and calming environment.


Circles of Love

Hold hands with another, look deep into the pools of their soul. Connect on a heart level, say hello silently. Circle yourself in Sunbursts of Joy. Create time and space to love yourself and others deeply. Release your self-dobut and fears. You are a beautiful being. All activities and meditations are done fully clothed! Learn the tools; take them home and practice. this class is open to Women and Men. Singles and Couples. Take a deep breath, and give yourself this special gift.


Spirit Speaks

Our healing guides talk to us often. Come and learn how to hear and intuit their communication. Our angels, surgeons and other healing helpers are here to serve us. As you open up to your own healing gifts, these spirits become key to your personal transformation. We are all so gifted, come and take this next big step on your path. Join Chris for this empowering class.