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By Marktee1 at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,’ meditation classes are designed to empower you on your spiritual path. The teaching method allows the student to integrate mind, body, spirit, and emotion simultaneously. Most people are integrated in two out of the four areas. This system will allow the student to move ahead in balance.

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Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

Ministerial Program (2 yrs)
Advanced Ministerial (2 yrs)
Teacher’s Program (2 yrs)
Journey Into Seeing (2 yrs)
Women’s Program (18 mos)
Meditation 1
Clairvoyant Training
Astral Bodies
Super Mental Plane
Chakra Meditation
Atlantis Remembered
Reincarnation and Past Life Karma
Island Magic: Healing Modalities
Goddess Walking
Illuminate Your Path
Circles of Love
Spirit Speaks

Managing the Energy of Your World,
Self Empowerment

Akashic Records
Feng Shui
Get Fit~Lose Weight
Your Body the Temple

Changing Your Energy

Focus on Self-Healing I
Lunar Light Healing
Angelic Healing and Archangels
Ascended Masters
Psychic Surgery
Spiritual Boundaries
Tantra: The Ancient Art of Loving

Increasing Your Income

Abundance and Prosperity I
Abundance and Prosperity II
In The Money
Prosperity Now